August 13, 2018

August character poll update!

Hi, guys. Here comes a little update of the August character poll!

As you can see, Taki an Ivy are leading this race, with Sophitia tailing them!

The winner will be into an adult fan art!

If you want to vote, become one of my 10 $ patrons!


July SFW/Ecchi variations of Yang Xiao are online!

Hi guys, on my Mega folder you'll find Yang Xiao Long of RWBY variation #2 and #3. Just use the link i sent you some days ago and you'll find the picture there!

Thanks for your support guys!

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August 12, 2018

Android 21 (Majin variation #2) bukkake commission

Here comes Majin #21 second variation!!

I think would be nice to get this character in animated form, don't you agree?

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August 11, 2018

July Monthly SFW/Ecchi/Nude rewards " Yang Xiao Long #1 variation" is online!

Hi guys,  i've just uploaded the first variation of Yang Xiao Long of RWBY in the "July Rewards" Mega folder. Just use the link i sent you some days ago and you'll find the picture there!

Thanks for your support guys!

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August 10, 2018

Adult August Character Poll is open for 10$ patrons!

So here comes the fourth Adult Character Poll!

This month my 10 $ Patrons will decide which character from Soul Calibur 6 will get an Adult fan art!

They can chose between the Kunoichi Demon Hunter Taki (a repêchage from the previous SFW character poll)!, the Warrior/Baker Sophitia Alexandra and the famous Isabella "Ivy" Valentine.

The winner will get the chance to be draw with a male character from the Soul Calibur roster, for a "1vs1 fight"!

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Android 21 (Majin variation) bukkake commission

As the previous picture, this is just how much i can show here of this first Android #21 first variation, the Majin #21!!

I think would be nice to get this character in animated form, don't you agree?

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August 9, 2018

July Patreon Rewards announced!

So, here comes the July Patreon Rewards! :) This month you will get

  • Yang Xiao Long from RWBY (winner of the previous month Fan Art SFW poll), with 4 variation!
  • Aria "Alibi" De Luca from Rainbow Six: Siege - Adult fan art with 1 variation!
  • Ela Bosak H Comics Page #2 - Adult fan comics with Ela Bosak from Rainbow Six: Siege.

If you were one of my 5$ and 10 $ Patrons and your payment was properly processed (even after all the "payment mess") check out your Patreon message inbox, you'll find the link for this July Mega Folder.

Inside the "July Rewards" folder you'll find the first Yang Xiao Long high resolution SFW fan art! Variation will be uploaded in the next days.

The public version of the Yang Xiao Long fan art will be uploaded on 16th August, and the public version of Alibi adult fan art will be uploaded on 29th August.

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August 8, 2018

Android 21 bukkake commission

Here comes an Android 21 bukkake commission!

Did you like this new character introduced by Dragon Ball FighterZ?

Do you think she got a nice character design?

See you Friday for the first, of two, variation of this picture!


August 6, 2018

Sasha Stalengard commission

Here comes a commission of this OC and some information about this character, directly by the commissioner!

Sasha Stalengard
Age: 28
Race/Species: Caucasian / Demon Fox Sage
Height/Weight: 5’7’’ / 145lbs
Sexuality: Straight
Eye color: Purple
Hair color: Brunette (Blue Highlights)

August 1, 2018

Kasumi adult patreon public post

Today is the "upload day for the "public" version of Dead or Alive 6 kasumi adult artwork!

Here and all on my NSFW galleries (you can find the urls on my Patreon main page)!If you’re interested in day 1 full resolution reward uploads and all the variations pictures (those will remain a Patrons-Only exclusive!), join 5$ Patrons!

If you're also interested to vote on the Monthly poll to decide which character will get a SFW/Ecchi/Nude or Adult fan art, join 10 $ Patrons!

July 29, 2018

Patreon public post Kasumi

This is the public post of the Ecchi fan art of Kasumi, the famous kunoichi (female ninja) from the fighting game series Dead or Alive.

As you can see she's from Dead or Alive 6, since she lack some of her "Charisma".

it was a Team Ninja decision to reduce the bare skin and breasts of all the female characters in DOA. I can't say if i'm ok with it or not, but i saw lots of pissed off gamers, as if they cancel the only good thing of the game.

Let's put in that way, luckly fan arts/fan artists exists!


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July 27, 2018

Naughty Ela - H Comics - Page 1 patron reward uploaded!

Yup, that's it!
I just uploaded on my Mega account, inside the "Comics - Naughty Ela" folder, the first page of "Naughty Ela", my H-Comics with Ela Bosak from Rainbow Six: Siege!
To access the folder, just use the same Mega link i sent you at the beginning of the month.
Thanks for your support guys!

July 25, 2018

Yang Xiao win the July SFW/Ecchi character poll!

Yang Xiao from RWBY win this July SFW/Ecchi character poll, defeating Taki from Soul Calibur 6 and Saber of Red from Fate/Apocrypha!
Thanks guys for your amazing support and see you for the next poll!

June Monthly reward "adult Kasumi variation" is online!

Hi guys,
i've just uploaded the fourth picture of June rewards, Kasumi, adult creampie version, from Dead or Alive 6 on the Mega folder! Just some days till the first page of Ela Comics!

Here's this month's current Reward situation:
Goal #1 (Reached!) - SFW/Ecchi/Nude Fan Art -> Kasumi from Dead or Alive 6
Goal #2 (Reached!) -> Adult Fan Art -> Kasumi from Dead or Alive 6
Goal #3 (Reached!) -> Rainbow Six: Siege comics Naughty Ela - Page 1
Goal #4 (To Be Reached!) -> Additional H Comics page!
The guys whom payment goes processed had received in their inbox the link to my Mega folder!
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July 23, 2018

Patreon public post - Injustice 2 Catwoman

And here comes Catwoman from Injustice 2!

I'm sorry for not posting her early, but i was super busy and i kept falling back in the schedule.

I will try to answer to all the emails, messages, etc...
Thanks for your patience, thanks for your support!