August 5, 2015

Aqua Gathering

This is a commission i did for :iconelvnstar: Elvnstar. Below come information about her OC!

"This was the first piece of artwork I ever commissioned! It was originally a gift for a friend, but it got me hooked on buying commissions - I just wanted to see for myself how other artists would portray my character!

Back in the day, in the MMO the character is originally from, druids could brew Aqua Vitaes, these awesome potions that would instantly heal a huge chunk of your health; and we could give them to other people as well! The only downside was, in order to brew those potions, you'd need to gather water from a special spring, for the ingredients... and you needed a LOT of them if you wanted to brew a lot of Aquas. So before a raid I would spend literally like an hour swimming in the spring, just collecting hundreds of bottles of pure water, to make sure there was absolutely no chance I could run out of materials mid-raid.

This is that secret spring... and this may or may not have been how my character looked collecting the water! "


July 31, 2015

Felicia Captured - Promo

Felicia was captured, what will happen to her?
This is the first of a series of a “progressive” artwork i will published on Hentai United, will be a total of 15 artwork. Each of them will add something (egg vibrators, bondage ropes, ecc..) to the previous one.

July 29, 2015

Lin Ice Zanova

She's the third commission of a series of, for now, three OC characters Sneedham507 commissioned.
Lin "Ice" Zanova is a 26 year old former Navy officer, who was recruited to join quickstroke, not for her skills, but because she was pretty. Despite being highly intellgent and a quick learner, all the higher ups cared about is the fact that she could be used to seduce targets, and they then could be pacified. As a result, Lin is a bit bitter about the whole affair, and she normally takes it out on her teammates, though over time, she comes to see them as her sisters. Lin is from Chinese and Russian decent, and was raised in the states by her grandmother. She was perfectly happy working behind a computer in the Navu, and only took the job at Quick Strike because of the money. She is usually in a bad mood, and has a distain for perverts and older men. Lin eventually finds a man she can stand to be around, however it turns out to be her C.O's younger brother, which causes a bit of tension. Her greatest assets are her large breasts, though she thinks of them as bothersome. She is 5'6ft, and weighs 150lbs."

July 26, 2015

Zoey "Cutter" Pryce

She's the second commission of a series of, for now, three OC characters Sneedham507 commissioned.

Here's her bio!
"Zoey "Cutter" Pryce is a 24 year old former marine recruited to Quickstrike, and works as the muscle and the driver for the group. Zoey is openly gay, and shows her affection for her team mates Veronica and Lin thru perverted actions, such as gropping and innapporiate comments. She is a also a gym freak, and works out often, even when bored. she is proud of her body, and will often show her abs to people, even when not provoked. While in the marines, Zoey was in a relationship, however her lover died, and in remeberance, she got a tattoo on her right arm. After joining Quickstrike, she tattooed the special forces symbol that Veronica had onto her left. When going undercover, Zoey will either be dressed as the help, or be the getaway driver, rarely getting close like Lin and Veronica do, as she is a bad actor, however she once had to, as the target had a muscle fetish. Friendly to a fault and loyal as a dog, Zoey is the perfect match to Veronica's command style, and Lin's dramatics. Zoey is 5'5ft and weighs 140lbs all muscle"

July 24, 2015

Captain Veronica Hawke

She's the first commission of a series of, for now, three OC characters Sneedham507 commissioned.

Here's her bio!

"Veronica Hawke is 31 years old, a former soldier, and a single mother to twin boys, Damien and Blake Hawke. She is recruited to head of team of "professionals" to do jobs around the world, to protect the interests of the United States government, but it's mostly just to clean up certain politician's messes. Veronica is 5'9, 150 lbs, and was born in Mexico before coming to the united states with her mother."

July 20, 2015

Bandit & Julius

After battling a band of orcs, things got hot n’ heavy.

All characters are part of BnF world. ->

Julius belongs to Cobalt91 ->

Bandit belongs to Cathare ->


July 15, 2015

Tanya Adams - Codename Black Rose

Commissioned by Antcow, she's  a little extra from the "Nukem Girls" series.

"To those C&C fans, this is Agent Tanya Adams, as a black woman.
You could say that the only reason Tanya changed her appearance is because of time travel or a different actress, which is reasonable.
But I like to think that Tanya adams is a code name and there is a commando corps that has may women who bear the same code name, each one armed with their own specialized weapons :3"

July 13, 2015

Nukem Girls - Barbara Blowaway

Commissioned by Antcow, she's the sixth and final "Nukem Girls" commission.

"This is Bárbara Blowaway, the for real final nukem girl, and the heavy weapon/explosive pro of the crew.
And if you have noticed, as some have, most of the nukem girls are very busty, and while its assumed they have the junk in the trunk to fit their top, Barbara is the opposite. While Farrah, Wolf and Alexandra represent the top heavy girl,... Barbara is the bottom heavy girl.
Which is fitting because she can plant herself firmly to the ground while shooting her grenade launcher or a chain gun or whatever without moving X3

But anyway, no more nukem girls. I have at least one for each hemisphere with at least a specialty in each weapon type. So the crew is covered now.

Eyes: Silver
Height: 5' 7"
weight: 130 lbs
Measurements: 40D-24-45"

July 8, 2015

Nukem Girls - Alexandra Nukewinter

Commissioned by Antcow, she's the fifth of the "Nukem Girls" commissions, a series of "Nukem" inspired girls!

This is Alexandra nukewinter!
Eyes: Blue
Age: 35
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 140
Measurements: 50J-24-38
Weapons: Black over-under double barrel pistol.

Alexandra is unique among the others in that she is a direct mirror of Duke Nukem himself.
She's big in all the right ways (Huge breasts, plump ass!) , she has long blonde hair to his short blonde hair, they both have blue eyes, and she is as good as him with any weapon she picks up, and she is Russian where he is American."

July 6, 2015

Easy Night page 1

Hi, guys!

I'm really enjoyin' the B&W style these days, so i've started this little sci-fi story. This is the first page of "Easy Night", an hentai comics i'm publishing on Hentai United.

The story takes place in a futuristic sc-ifi world and the main characters are two long no see former brother/sisters in arms.


July 2, 2015

NGD 2015 Exhibition

I'm here at the New Game Design 2015 to attend my artworks exhibition and get interviewed!

See you today in Milan!


June 28, 2015

Support me at the "Le Collectif Vanadis" crowdfunding campaign!

I will partecipate at the "Le collectif Vanadis" crowdfunding campaign for publish two volume of erotic (the volume "Sensible") and porn comics (The volume "Brute"). My contribution to the project will be a 4 page full colored comics (only if they reach the 36.000 € strech goal!). Check out the project page, because this project and the all artists involed rocks!

Make it happens!


Geralt of Rivia for the New game Design 2015

This artwork is just one of the artworks (you will find also this Ciri Fan Art) that will be exihibit at the NGD 2015, New Game Design 2015, that will take place here in Milan on July 2, 2015. During the NGD 2015 the projects of the Online Game Design course and Videogame Design and Programming will be shocased.

This is the official website of the Event.


June 16, 2015

Nukem Girls - Wolf Nukatotem

Commissioned by Antcow, she's the fourth of the "Nukem Girls" commissions, a series of "Nukem" inspired girls!

"Wolf is the expert sniper of the Nukem girls, shes a skilled tracker and has been known to shoot other snipers through their own scopes. Wolf isn't subtle with her bust (not like the others are any less so) and treats her milk muffins like pillows as she waits in ambush.
Inspiration notes, Wolfs head, face and hair is modeled after a playmate named Aliya wolf, a gorgeous native American herself.

Her figure was inspired by Buxom Squaw, drawn by Jollyjack.

Eyes: Red
Measurements: 45I-24-37
Weapon: Bronze-sniper rifle"