August 31, 2016

LOL Swimsuit - Miss Fortune reworked bikini ver.

Commissioned by LP4Ever here comes a new addition to the League of Legends Swimsuit series! Miss Fortune... reworked! Bikini version!

Brace yourself, because more will come!


August 28, 2016

LOL Swimsuit - Miss Fortune reworked

Commissioned by LP4Ever here comes a new addition to the League of Legends Swimsuit series! Miss Fortune... reworked!

Brace yourself, because more will come!


August 25, 2016

Fraulein Blitzkrieg Corp Agent Panzer Scharfschutz

After the two Tanya Adams from an alternative universe (their codename are "Black Rose" and "Frosty Leaf"), here comes, still commissioned by Antcow (the guy behind the "Nukem Girls" commission series) another addition to the Tanya Adams Corps... their villains! A corp of female nazi elves!

Now some words from the commissioner!

"The Fraulein Blitzkrieg corp is the Nazi German woman commando corp equal in style and purpose to the Tanya adams corp itself. And I needed an excuse to make a busty elf girl with a killer ass anyway X3

Fräulein Blitzkrieg corp agent Panzer Scharfschütze (German: Tank sniper, she snipes tanks.)
Real name: Adorabelle  (Elf for: 'the adored and beautiful') Leafstrider (How did you find that out!?)
Faction: Imperial Nazi Regime
Race: Elf (Its the ears isn't it?)
Age: What?
Height: 6'0"
Weight: With or without the mythril undergarments?
Measurements: 45I-23-38
Eyes: Ice blue"

August 23, 2016

Tanya Adams Corps - Agent Frosty Leaf

After the first Tanya Adams from an alternative universe (her codename was "Black Rose"), here comes, still commissioned by Antcow (the guy behind the "Nukem Girls" commission series) another addition to the Tanya Adams Corps!

Don't you know who Tanya Adams is? Check it here ->

Now some words from the commissioner!

"Real name: Super duper maxi-extreme ultra secretNationality: British
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: Unknown (At least 40lbs in her bra and panties combined)
Eye color: Dark green
Measurements: 40I-24-39
Weapon: Sniper rife (Ice elemental)

Profile: "Frosty Leaf" was recruited into the Tanya Adams Corp and like a lot of women before her, evaluated and vetted at a distance before she was snatched up by other agents with offers to join the Crop. Sometimes it was just off the battlefield, or just out of bed but she was was offered a once in a lifetime chance to be a Tanya Adams Time and again.
Eventually the woman that would become Frosty Leaf agreed and further honed her skills as a sniper and soon become all even more lethal with a rifle than before thanks to it's ability to fire, freezing munitions, while keeping only her beret as a keepsake of where she came from. Her victims where soon linked to her by the fact that they where covered in frost around the wounds impact site, even tanks where found encased in blocks of ice, letting the enemy forces know who had entered the battlefield. She has an incredible sense of balance as she displayed in the 3rd battle of Paris against the advancing Nazi Imperial forces. The Maginot line could stop troops, tanks, mechs and aircraft but magic was the one thing not considered in the defensive plan and the Nazi tech-monks blasted holes through the defence's with torrents of lightning or by raining fire down from above.
It short order the Nazi army was in Paris and the streets were lit through the night with exchanged firepower, with the Eiffel tower being the key in Frosty leaf's role in ending the battle and driving out the Nazi's. Though she was injured her right arm in a sling, she scurried her way to the very top and balancing herself onto the narrow tip of the tower, took aim with her rifle left handed and with her vantage point, fired into the Nazi base. Again and again she fired until a tube of ice grew form her barrel along the bolt trajectory. Eventually the Nazi base was a winter wasteland in the summer heat."

August 22, 2016

MERCs badass party commission

Since i believe that one thing leads to another, a group of very cool and close MERCs player (don't know what is MERCs? Check out here! It's my RPG, based on Savage World game engine! Download the preview! Sorry, for now it's only in Italian!) contact me to draw their party! Do this commission was really fun since their characters were very cool and well characterized, and get in touch with a group of enthusiastic players is something amazing!

Enjoy this MERCs party!

From Left to Right, Higher Row: Danny DeNitro, Ryo Kanawa, Scarlett Plummer
From Left to Right, Lower Row: Blake "Scar" Aster, Berith Aberg and her wardog Alma

Siccome credo sempre nel "da cosa nasce cosa", accade che un Gruppo di giocatori molto affiatati e molto fighi mi abbia contattato per avere il proprio Gruppo MERCs disegnato dal sottoscritto. 
Inutile dire che disegnarlo è stato molto divertente (i personaggi son tutti belli e ben caratterizzati), ed avere un contatto con dei giocatori tanto presi bene sia stato una prelibatezza.
Godetevi il Gruppo!
Da sinistra a destra: 
sopra- Danny DeNitro, Ryo Kanawa, Scarlett Plummer
sotto- Blake "Scar" Aster, Berith Aberg ed il suo wardog Alma

August 19, 2016

Suicide Squad - Enchantress

Did you see Suicide Squad? Did you like it?

I think one of the best designed character in the movie is not Harley Quinn, but Enchantress (played by Cara Delevingne).


August 16, 2016

Zettra, the pretorian commission

Commission by Antcow (the same guy behind the Nukem Girls commission series!) here comes "Zettra, the pretorian".

Now, some words from the commissioner about this character!

I only played one hentai/date sim game called Brave soul, and while I loved it, there was room for more women, many more. Basically what I have in mind is a mishmash of Brave soul and Kyonnu fantasy :3

Age: ??
Height: 5'10"
Weight: ??
Eyes: Red
Measurements: 50 I-cup bust - 24 waist - 45
Weapon: Two handed gladius long sword

Profile: Zettra is a black woman who hails from a all black nation (Name here) that once existed in the north of (game world name here) and she was born with natural red hair and matching eyes (And matching red nipples and womanhood, but I don't just show that off.). And her sheer beauty developed quickly as she grew and was personally picked by the emperor to receive the best education and elite pretorian training.
It was not just her lovely body that got her attention, she was treated as a trophy and a pariah for her utterly unique colors form the other people around her. Her red shades. Shes a woman a prophet predicted that would herald the end of the empire. But not the cause.
BUT, demons and rebels brought the nation down and she is one of two of her nation left in all the world. She traveled south and worked as a paid sword until she found herself as a dedicated body guard of the princess of the western plains kingdom, Caren. (Now a cowgirl in style, see Brave soul)

August 14, 2016

Duke & Nukem Girls wallpaper

And after all the Nukem Girls and the Duke itself (all commissioned by Antcow), here comes a nice wallpaper for your screens and desktops!

You will find the full resolution HD wallpaper here:

The girls are from left to right:

'I'm a cowgirl, and yes I ride!' - Farrah Fallout

'Silence is golden, but blood is red.' - Diana Destruction

'I'm cursing at you because I don't like you, FUCKER!' - Hisako Hiroshima

'My words are like my bullets. Few and to the point' - Nadie Nukeatotem

'I am all that is woman!' - Alexandria Nukewinter

Explosions. Cooking. Both are hot n' spicy.' - Barbara Blowaway

August 11, 2016

Duke Nukem commission

After all those Nukem girls here comes the Duke itself!

Commissioned by Antcow!


August 9, 2016

Bullet from BlazBlue commission - bikini version

This is a commission of Bullet, character from the fighting videogame BlazBlue!

And since it's summer, here comes the bikini version!


August 6, 2016

Bullet from BlazBlue commission

This is a commission of Bullet, character from the fighting videogame BlazBlue!


August 2, 2016

LOL Swimsuit - Human Kindred

It's summer, have a swimsuit League of Legends champions!

Welcome to the "human" version of Kindred! The lamb and the wolf!


July 31, 2016

Ferra from "Ferra/Torr" duo of MK

She's Ferra, the little clawed fighter that sit on the should of Torr from Mortal Kombat X!


July 27, 2016

Arisia Rrab off duty

How are you gonna spend your off duty time, when you are alone, in space and with a Power Ring?

Well, this commission explain that!


July 25, 2016

Reiko X Miss Spencer encore - Rumble Roses

Do you remember Rumble Roses?

A mediocre wrestling game with an awesome roster of female characters.

It's a shame that Konami let die this franchise, killing it with an even more mediocre sequel.
But stil today, characters like Reiko (and her "heel" version "Rowdy Reiko"), Miss Spencer, Anesthesia, Dixie, appears in fan arts, commissions and even cosplays!

And this is a sequel of the previous commission!