July 18, 2018

[ITALIAN] Vediamoci al Rimini Comix!

Bimbe e bimbi, dal 19 al 22 luglio sarò in quel di RIMINICOMIX a firmare albi, fare quattro chiacchiere e godermi il mare. Per chi volesse passare a trovarmi ci sarà in anteprima il secondo numero di Wulfpack! Che se lo perdete siete brutti. Al solito cornice di poster, cartoline e felicità varie. Ci vediamo allo Stand Kiryu! :)

July 15, 2018

Patreon - June 2018 reward

Hi guys,

i've just uploaded the first picture of June rewards, Kasumi from Dead or Alive Ecchi/Nude on the Mega folder! The other pictures plus the variations will follow in this month!

Here's this month's current Reward situation:

Goal #1 (Reached!) - SFW/Ecchi/Nude Fan Art -> Kasumi from Dead or Alive 6

Goal #2 (Reached!) -> Adult Fan Art -> Kasumi from Dead or Alive 6

Goal #3 (Reached!) -> Rainbow Six: Siege comics Naughty Ela - Page 1

Goal #4 (To Be Announced!) -> ??????????????????

The guys whom payment goes processed will received in their inbox the link to my Mega folder with the first Kasumi picture, the previous month pictures (like all the Overwatch picture i already made) and some extras like the pdf of "Overbeach" and "Zoey Watch, your ass" comics and lots of my SFW/NSFW wallpapers!

Thanks for your support guys and check out my Official Patreon page!

June 8, 2018

LOL Swimsuit - Kai'sa

Summer time! New league of Legends bikini!

Say hello to Kai'sa, the daughter of the void!


May 30, 2018

Injustice 2 Patreon public post - Supergirl

Hi buddies!

Today here comes the public version of Injustice 2 Supergirl patreon artwork!

This is the first adult fan art my Patrons voted on the April poll! Right now are voting for the next character to be involved in a SFW/Ecchi/Nude fan art!

This time my Patrons will choice which one between Ivy Valentine from Soul Calibur, Catwoman from Injustice 2, Domino from Deadpool 2 movie and Jess Black from Far Cry 5.

If you’re interested in day 1 full resolution reward, the “Soundless” and "Climax" variation of this picture (those will remain a Patrons-Only exclusive!) and be able to vote on the monthly poll join 5$/10$ Patrons!

Ps: If you want to support me in a different way, take a look at my INPRNT store, my Amazon merchandise page!

May 27, 2018

Rainbow Six: Siege - Aria "Alibi" de Luca + FREE SHIPPING!!!

Finally she's here! Aria de Luca aka Alibi, the italian operator of Ubisoft Rainbow Six: Siege multiplayer fps! :)

Along her companion Adriano "Maestro" Martello, they are the main operators of the Para-Bellum operation.

Additionally, Aria de Luca is already online on my Official Print Store and today and tomorrow (Monday) if you spend more than 25 $, there's Free Shipping for you... WORLDWIDE!


May 18, 2018

Samus Aran X Metroid

"My past is not a memory. It's a force at my back. It pushes and steers. I may not always like where it leads me, but like any story, the past needs resolution. What's past is prologue."

So, here comes a nice commission of Samus Aran with her, well at least some parts, of her famous armor!


May 15, 2018

SFW/Ecchi/Nude May Poll 10 $ Patrons open!

So here comes the second SFW/Ecchi/Nude Poll!

This month you'll have to decide which character will have a SFW/Ecchi/Nude fan art! You can choose from Ivy Valentine from Soul Calibur, Catwoman from Injustice 2, Domino from the Deadpool movie sequel and Jess Black from Far Cry 5!

This poll is open to my 10 $ patrons!

So, who will win?


May 11, 2018

Far Cry 5 - Mary May Fairgrave patreon

And here comes Mary May Fairgrave from Far Cry 5!

This was posted one week ago at much higher definition for my Patreon supporter!

Next week i'll also start the Poll on my Patreon page to make you choose the next fan art sfw/nude/ecchi!


May 3, 2018

Patreon - April 2018 reward

So, we are in May and it's time to talk about REWARDS!
Those are the rewards of April that will be uploaded this month on a new Mega folder. I will send the link to that folder (you will also find inside the stuff of the previous month) this weekend to every person whose payment went successfully.
And those the rewards:
Goal #1 - Ecchi Fan Art -> Mary May Fairgrave from Far Cry 5!
Goal #2 -> Adult Fan Art -> Supergirl from Injustice 2 (follow up of the previous month Supergirl fan art, and chosen by my Patrons via poll!)
Goal #3 - Secret Comics - Unfortunately, it's not active yet, but we re really close to reach the third goal! Can you guess who is the girl showed in the preview?
Thanks for your support guys! You rocks!

April 29, 2018

Commission features on Warframe Prime Time!

One of my, at this moment, unpublished Warframe commission was featured on Prime Time, the official Youtube channel of Warframe game!

Thanks to Theburning1 for the commission!

Click here for the video! My Fan art will appear at 28:50!

Ps: i will upload the commission next week!

April 28, 2018

Supergirl - Patreon poll

Hi, guys! This is the first fan art voted by supporters on my Patreon page!

They chosen Supergirl from Injustice 2 as SFW/Ecchi fanart at the march poll and so... here she comes!

Now, they are voting for the first adult fan art and Supergirl is winning... again!

Support me on Patreon!

Become one of my 5 $ supporters if you want to access to high resolution stuff and exclusive variation available only here on Patrons!

Become one of my 10 $ supporters to vote on the monthly poll!

April 23, 2018

LOL Swimsuit - Xayah

New week, new league of Legends bikini!

Say hello to Xayah, the rebel!


April 18, 2018

LOL Swimsuit - Irelia re-re-worked

New week,  So... expect some stuff in these days!

Enjoy the "re-re-worked" version of Irelia, the blade dancer!


April 16, 2018

Patreon Public Post Overwatch Junktertown Queen

Hi buddies!

Today here comes the public version of Junktertown Queen patreon artwork on my NSFW galleries and some details of the new Patreon Poll!

This time my Patrons will choice which one between Guilty Gear Xrd, Qi'ra from Han Solo's movie and Supergirl from Injustice 2 will get an hentai fan art!

April 10, 2018

League of Legends - bikini Evelynn re-re-worked

Despite this idle period i didn't forget of League of Legends bikini girls fans! So... expect some stuff in these days!

Enjoy the "re-re-worked" version of Evelynn!