March 5, 2010

Rada, the Asari Tentacle Queen II

** NOTE ** To all viewers... This image is a parody of the typical Japanese Hentai Game cover (with cover full of text and the typical mosaic censorship). All those text it's supposed to "ruin" the image, like the covers of the average hentai games. This is just a joke, like the mosaic censorship of this image. Don't worry guys! The original and uncensored artwork of "Rada, the Asari Tentacle Queen II" will follow short after! ** NOTE **

From the "Rada, the Asari Tentacle Queen II" press release:

"Nishikudo, one of the galaxy's most famous EROGE development studios (located in Citadel's district of Shin Akiba), announced today the addition of the highly anticipated sequel of "Rada, the Asari Tentacle Queen" (85,534,745 copies sold only on the Terminus System) to its 2184 (Standard Human Calendar) release schedule.

"Rada, the Asari Tentacle Queen II" is a direct sequel to the best-selling, first "Rada, the Asari Tentacle Queen".

Rada, after escaping from the cruel and sexually deviant batarian pirate Haghan, made an emergency landing on the planet Minurino, a strange and uncharted little planet located in the Medusa system.

While repairing the ship's emergency beacon, she slips into a hole leading to a massive, underworld cave complex. There, she is captured by a strange race of aliens made only of tentacles, where she is worshipped by them as their new Queen... of Sex!

Will she be able to resist their primal sex drive as well as her own until someone responds to the emergency signal without losing her sanity? And what if the one that found the signal is Hagan?

All this in the "Rada, the Asari Tentacle Queen II"!!

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System Requirements Note: "Rada, the Asari Tentacle Queen II" requires Omnitool OS 10.5 or better.

The events depicted in this game are fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead and any race existing or extinct is merely coincidental.

Censorhip is applied to comply at the new S.M.C.C (Standard Morality Videogames Code).

Thanks to Aidenke for the proof reading of the press release!

** NOTE ** If you want to know what those "alien write" means, take a look here

Happy Translating!

Finally we got some details about those "Asari X Hanar" nasty porn games! xD