July 27, 2011

Emma Frost's Private Danger Room Session - Vol. 1

The new commission from Aidenke, Emma Frost's Special Danger Room session will contunue in the future, now let's see Emma Frost's Private Danger Room Session!

"Post-Training Analysis:
Session #19863A
Session Operator: Emma Frost
Report Page 01:

A week after our last session (See report for Session #19848A), X-23 approached me expressing an interest in attempting a "similar scenario." She had explained it as a 'desire to figure out how to escape' so that she could apply that learning to the original scenario, but having seen the way that she reacted in the four times she has experienced that scenario already, it was clear that our little Laura found certain parts about her restraints very enjoyable.

She has continued to have troubles understanding her emotions and feelings, so I felt like this was an excellent opportunity to expose her to one of the more pleasure things in life, as well as to have a bit of good-natured fun. However, before I accepted her request, the ever-nosy Kitty Pryde interjected with a demand to be allowed to supervise this session, to 'ensure that nothing untoward happened.' Having tolerated her sass and interruptions far too many times in the past, I informed her that she would be allowed, but only if she followed my rules. With perhaps a justifiable hint of suspicion in her tone, she accepted the stipulation. Luckily, the program opted to gag her first to make sure that all of the complaints while she was bound and suspended went pleasantly well muffled.

Laura remained very calm but watched with apparent interest as the program bound and rendered Pryde helpless before it turned it's attentions on her. From nearly the moment it had her secured, she started to fight against her bonds, and after allowing her to fight long enough, I opted to begin my portion of the session. Having enjoyed such sessions in the Hellfire Club myself, I introduced Laura to some of the more pleasant aspects that this scenario left her open to, both renewing her struggle against her bonds as well as prompting a much more interesting reaction.

Several minutes in, she was able to work one of her ankles free of it's anchoring rope and, in a rather surprising but telling move, Laura used it to "assist" in my activities, making it quite clear to both myself and to Pryde that she was enjoying herself no matter how hard she appeared to fight. Since then, Laura has already requested another session, expressing a desire to 'learn how to escape' no matter how many attempts it took; sessions that Pryde has seen fit to blushingly interject herself into in the future - she can't have disliked the two toys I gave her to keep her busy either.

Follow-up sessions should include new stimulation and experiences followed up by individual counselling to make sure that Laura understands what she is feeling, but sessions should be kept to participants that are capable of becoming invulnerable to accidental attack should the power-suppression fields fail and Laura does, by chance, get another limb free.

Text provided by Aidenke!