May 26, 2012

Emma Frost's Special Training - Monitor #4

New commissions by Aidenke! Also This time is a triplet of images! Emma Frost's new training session for X-Girls! :)

This is second series! Monitor #1 of three.


Story below by Aidenke.

Post-Training Analysis:
Session #19848B
Session Operator: Emma Frost
Report Page 01:

The second group involved in the session was nearly as easy to subdue as the first, suggesting further training is necessary. Once Domino was aware of the program's nature, she simply laughed, appearing not to be concerned. While she did seem to almost enjoy her predicament, it should be noted that the program had to almost continually bind her in different ways. Must remember to turn up the strength of the power suppression field.

Boom Boom tested the "flailing around" hypothesis that proved as ineffective as it proved somewhat amusing to watch. Should suggest that stopping to think a moment when under duress isn't always the worst idea. The gag took the longest as she managed to catch hold of part of it, but once it was in, she fell mercifully and mostly silent.

Blindfold appeared aware of the ropes presence, but did not appear to be highly concerned by their nature, indeed helping to get her arms into place with a usual good-natured apology before the gag went on. Next session, she should be reminded to treat the situation as it if were serious, and not just a curious new simulation program in the Danger Room.