June 20, 2012

Emma Frost's Special Training - Monitor #5

New commissions by Aidenke! Also This time is a triplet of images! Emma Frost's new training session for X-Girls! :)

This is second series! Monitor #2 of three.


 Post-Training Analysis:
Session #19848B
Session Operator: Emma Frost
Report Page 02:

Along with Magik from group one, the program was set to gag Pixie first, and with that in place along with her hands tied, she simply proceeded to glower towards the control booth as she was exposed. For one of our best strategic assets, we must work with Pixie more to be able to find ways to escape capturing parties, or if possible, research alternative methods of teleportation.

With the adamantium-laced cables able to penetrate Armor's defenses, she was quickly tripped up and stuck to a stray piece of debris. Initial struggles did not prove effective, and when the program turned to a slightly more active deterrent, Armor turned very quiet indeed. Perhaps some latent interest in a subservient role? Something to investigate later, we don't want her not minding being captured unless it's by the right person. Possible future training sessions to uncover the nature of her response...

Polaris was another one that seemed more amused than anything else. She seemed to encourage the location of certain ropes, and she did not appear troubled by the sudden inversion, perhaps as a result of spending so much time in zero gravity. Magnetic powers would've helped her in normal circumstances, leaving basic escape artistry the main focus for the future.