July 4, 2012

Emma Frost's Special Training - Monitor #6

New commissions by Aidenke! Also This time is a triplet of images! Emma Frost's new training session for X-Girls! :)

This is second series! Monitor #3 of three.


Post-Training Analysis:
Session #19848B
Session Operator: Emma Frost
Report Page 03:

Rachel Summers also took the initial strategy of protesting the fairness of the session, giving the program ample time to gag her instead of attempting to avoid capture. Once that was on, her attention appeared to focus nicely, with the program eventually able tangle her legs long enough to capture her wrists. As one of the last girls fully captured, she proved a pleasant surprise, and could possible help in the future teaching some of the others.

Karma was quick to join in with Dani Moonstar, hoping that combined efforts would aid them, and while the tactic was effective for a while, the unstable ground tripped both girls up and enabled their capture. Must point out to the other girls that teaming up should be encouraged when attempting to avoid capture.

Using her spear to knock aside many of the ropes attempting capture, Dani's tenacious fight and focus ultimately proved to be her undoing when the program changed focus on first securing the spear before her, and unlike several of the others, she continued to fight even after the ropes had her, attempting to gain purchase towards freedom and forcing the program to continue to find ways of subduing and distracting her. The other girls could learn something from this, using something from their surroundings, if available, to counter-attack.