January 29, 2013

Emma Frost's Private Danger Room Session - Vol. 2

The new commission from Aidenke, "Emma Frost's Private Danger Room Session - Vol. 2"! Meanwhile in the Danger Room Control Room.... and that shadow?

Post-Training Analysis:
Session #19848-SUMMARY
Session Operator: Emma Frost
Report Page 01:

Both groups of girls displayed some competence and capability in evading capture, but a marked inability to work together and a desire to protest rather than act lead to each girl's downfall. Smaller, more individual sessions might be better to help focus each girl on her own escape before working up into larger, group efforts.

In many of our activities, technologically based capture is a constant threat and must be included in regular training sessions, whether my fellow X-women wish to participate or not. Some might even enjoy the more leisurely aspects of the program.

A final assessment will be entered into the logs by week's end, as I was slightly distracted for a large portion of the session as my co-monitor seized very effective control in a most stimulating manner. His performance was highly satisfactory and something I plan to take full advantage of as often as possible, thought that detail can be kept aside from the girls whose performance I so enjoyed watching...

Encode summary and encrypt files; Frost Authorization Gamma Nine Tango White Four.

**Video Record: Transferred to Frost Private Server 0014B**

Text provided by Aidenke!