May 9, 2013

Pseudostudio Inauguration!

Today at the 06:00 (GTM+1) the inauguration of Pseudostudio will take place. Pseudostudio is more than a simple studio, is a place where workplace and showroom get together. I will share this place with other comic artists currently working in Sergio Bonelli Editore and The Walt Disney Company and more! 

Some names! : Fabiano Ambu, Stefania Fiorillo, Gianfranco Florio, Sergio Gerasi, Eliana Scozzaro, Luca Usai, Davide Barzi, Maurizio Forte, Alessandro Mazzetti and Massimiliano Zazzi.
Don't worry, in the next days i'll post some photos of the inauguration. For now be satisfied with this:

Me decorating one of the walls of Pseudostudio with my artworks.