June 27, 2014

Bison's Dolls Army extra - Delta Red Lita Luwanda - HU Promo

Ok, guys, this is the third, and for now the last one, extra of the "Bison's Dolls Army" pinup series. She's Lita Luwanda, official member of Delta Red, british counter terrorist MI-6 related squad Cammy White belong to.

Delta Red squad made it's first appearance is in the Cammy's ending of "Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers" and si formed by it's leader, Colonel Keith Wolfman, ranged weapons expert Matthew McCoy, melee weapons expert Lita Luwanda, and young computer expert George Ginzu and of course Cammy White.

The complete Delta Red squadron.
Lita Luwanda also made an appearance in the "Super Street Fighter II : Cammy" manga (draw by Masahiko Nakahira) and in the Udon's Street Fighters comics.

Who will be the next extra character of this series? Do you have an idea? Tell me!

The adult version of this image is a Hentai United exclusive. This is the "safe" version. Below there's the thumbnail of the adult version.