October 8, 2014

League of Babes - Riven Final

Hi everybody!
 Thanks for your attention and welcome to the final piece from "League of Babes" series.


The series comes from a brand new collaboration between me as character designer and David Cancellario (here's his DA page  http://kom-studios.deviantart.com/ ) a talented Italian artist as sculptor.
The series starts with Riven, but a sexy Cassiopeia is already on the way, so stay tuned for more!

I'll answer here most of the info you've asked for on PM.
-The statue will not have any removable parts, because it's made of Smooth Cast 300 (a casting resin) and not of PVC like lots of commercial figure.
 -It's made by a series of modular molds that could be modified by customer's request and acceptance (this regards the sword, the poro, little details).
-The statue is 25 cm high (9,8 inch, using a scale of 1/6 of the "real" heigh of the character), the base is 23 cm long (9 inch) and 15 cm (5,9 inch) wide.
-Every piece it's coloured following customers requests. They're handmade coloured, so you can change hair and clothes colours, for example.

-The price starts from 180 € without shipping fee, 150 € assembled but not colored with just a base of acrylic white, 100 € non assembled and dismantled in 8 different parts (you have to assemble it by yourself).

If you're interested send me a mail or a PM : )