March 27, 2015

Pocket Quest - "Nono" fan art

Ok, guys, new fan art! Her name's Nono (the huge snail is "Uzumaki" and she's a "Gigasnail") and she's the main character of an indie game programmed by an italian friend of mine. Nono is a "still-in-training warrior" in search for fame and glory (and lots of gold!). What better chance to get fame, glory and gold than rescue a kidnapped Prince?

The game is Pocket Quest and is a peculiar mix of Jrpg and Tabletop Games.

This is "Pocket Quest" official website ( - Just in italian!) and this is the english Pocket Quest page on (

Check it out, is really fun!

Note: The game is just in italian language for now... but an english version in the making!

So... Enjoy!