June 16, 2015

Nukem Girls - Wolf Nukatotem

Commissioned by Antcow, she's the fourth of the "Nukem Girls" commissions, a series of "Nukem" inspired girls!

"Wolf is the expert sniper of the Nukem girls, shes a skilled tracker and has been known to shoot other snipers through their own scopes. Wolf isn't subtle with her bust (not like the others are any less so) and treats her milk muffins like pillows as she waits in ambush.
Inspiration notes, Wolfs head, face and hair is modeled after a playmate named Aliya wolf, a gorgeous native American herself.

Her figure was inspired by Buxom Squaw, drawn by Jollyjack.

Eyes: Red
Measurements: 45I-24-37
Weapon: Bronze-sniper rifle"