August 5, 2015

Aqua Gathering

This is a commission i did for :iconelvnstar: Elvnstar. Below come information about her OC!

"This was the first piece of artwork I ever commissioned! It was originally a gift for a friend, but it got me hooked on buying commissions - I just wanted to see for myself how other artists would portray my character!

Back in the day, in the MMO the character is originally from, druids could brew Aqua Vitaes, these awesome potions that would instantly heal a huge chunk of your health; and we could give them to other people as well! The only downside was, in order to brew those potions, you'd need to gather water from a special spring, for the ingredients... and you needed a LOT of them if you wanted to brew a lot of Aquas. So before a raid I would spend literally like an hour swimming in the spring, just collecting hundreds of bottles of pure water, to make sure there was absolutely no chance I could run out of materials mid-raid.

This is that secret spring... and this may or may not have been how my character looked collecting the water! "