February 29, 2016

Studio Casteleven crowdfunding (Vanadis 3&4 inside!)

Le Collectif Vanadis is back, and this time for something even bigger! Three days ago Schebha, the responsible for Vanadis, Cent Pudeurs and the Artbook of Joel Jurion and many other comic book launched the "Studio Casteleven" crowdfunding campaign. This campaign will funding the production of 16 (SIXTEEN!) comic book (from Ero to adult) with 40 different artist involved! I will be on Vanadis 4 "Encore" volume, so please, support the "Studio Casteleven" crowdfunding campaign! You will find on Vanadis 3 and 4 volumes artists like Petro Perez (the father of Trizia), Reiq, Fabrizio Pasini, Styloide and many more!

These are some of the Sixteen hardcover comic books that will be produced if the campaign will reach it's goal:

Figures Vol. 01 with Art by Styloide and story by Scebha.

"Figures will narrate the story of three young women who were entrusted with the mission of protecting the multiverse from the Collector’s will. Figures will link all the GDBM stories through the infinite possibilities of the multiverse."

The first volume of Titania, a full volume of the character created for the Collectif Vanadis.

"Made a hue and cried about by No M(e)n's Land fans, here is the spin-off narrating the story of Alice, aka Titania, and Naya, aka General Naya, and the fight where the fate of two planets will be decided : Oberon and the Earth. Action, super heroines and sex will be drawn by Vincenzo Cucca who will recover the characters of No M(e)n's Land (Hot Charlotte, Pandamonia)."

The first volume of Nuke Girl Nemesis. Art by Nostromo and Story by Scebha.

"Enter a macabre and oozing Australia where Nuke Girl brings the law by murdering and terrorizing. Thief, rapist or killer are all the same for her and must die by her hand. Super hero Alpha Sentinel tries to stop the actions of the young woman, but she seems invincible with her shiny, vibrant armour which seems to be radioactive. In the meantime, Insane, locked away in a prison cell, drowning in its own madness, looks like he has the key to a very odd story. A macabre, violent, stressful adventure with its lot of plot twists."

And a mysterious title that would be announced when the campaign will reach it's goal!

"Studio Casteleven" french crowdfunding campaign

"Studio Casteleven" english crowdfunding campaign

So, you know what do to.