December 22, 2016

Hellen Bates fan art from Division kickstarter

She's Hellen Bates, one of the two characters available in Division, a game made by fellow Italian team Linked Rooms.

The game will be Kickstarted and the campaign is already live, here!

So, please, show them some support, thanks!

Want some information about Hellen Bates?

Hellen Bates - 22 years old: after a difficult life spent at the bottom of society, she met some criminals who hired her. Very skilled into moving unnoticed and dexterous thefts, she became a strong willed girl with a lot of self-confidence. But now everything is messed up, and her skill are not useful anymore: nothing to steal, no people to harass, only monsters looking for her flesh. She always tried to survive counting on her own abilities, but now she spend her days hiding like a mouse in a hole.