March 3, 2017

Furi OC commission

Hi, guys. I hope you will come to pay a visit to Cartoomics here in Milan today and this weekend!

In the meanwhile, have this commission. She's Furi, Alexiadafirenze's OC, created for the Post Terminus rpg.

Here come words by it's creator!

"The girl that would eventually grow up into a huntress lived alone with no name. She grew up in a lawless town that also had no name, where your status was equal to how many bullets were in your gun at the time. She was a scavenger, taking what she could from the bodies of the deceased, ducking in and out of alleyways to stay alive. Creating a home in an abandoned building, she stayed under the radar until the time came where she could hold her own.
Through a number of bodies and survivor tales, stories of an angel of death began to circulate throughout the town. All those that came within a certain distance of the girl’s building would face her fury. The girl, having heard those tales, decided to turn the reputation into her namesake. Furi, she would be.

Gradually, the town and its population began to unite against their common enemy. However, Furi had been prepared for this eventuality. By the time they loaded up, bringing heavy weapons and demolishing the place she had called home, the huntress had departed, looking for a fresh start.

Having left the bullet-riddled town behind, Furi made her way towards Terminus, temporarily stopping at various towns along the way. From one good deed to another, she was able to pick up some technical skills from some of the grateful townspeople. Eventually though she would move on, leaving just enough of an impact to change the places she visited for the better. Personally she did it in the hopes that these stories would reach the town she came from, as if to say ‘Yeah I’m still alive’.

When she finally arrived in Terminus, Furi was amazed at the sight of the titanic city. Wondering what she would do for a source of income, her eyes flickered over a nearby wanted poster. As she looked at the rewards, a smile emerged on the huntress’s face. She’d do what she’d always done, only this time she’d be paid well for it."