May 5, 2017

Dia Ruby The Ninja Thief commission

Commissioned by Antcow, the same guy behind Nukem Girls commission series, here come Dia Ruby from the videogame Brave Soul. Now some words to the commissioner!

For those who played Brave soul (Including me, a total of three players. XD) Dia (Or Ruby) is the hot thief ninja, a top heavy seductress who insists you follow her on her missions to help her steal things. (Like gold, and she likes it when you sell dragon eggs.)
Here I wanted her to have a significant departure in appearance like Princess Caren before her.
A form fitting midnight blue outfit, better for movement and actual concealment. (Pink wont work outside of a day care.) And no shiny bling. (Unless she's infiltrating a ball to lift a key card while wearing a gown.)
Overall i wanted her to be more ninja-like, and thats what I got.


Dia Ruby
Age: 30
Height: 5'10"
weight: Lady
Measurements: 45H-24-38
Eye color: Jade
Hair: Red and long
Weapon: Stealing the edge, dual daggers

Likes: Treasure. (Gold, jewels, relics. Anything that will get me money! (I give some to orphanages.)), Sex (Especially after a good heist!), Elegant dresses (I like a good dance too.), Torn clothes (On sexy occasions.), The orphanage (I was raised in one.),

Dislikes: Getting caught. (I shouldn't be spotted.), Being ambushed (Especially from tentacle monsters.), Torn clothes (On non-sexy occasions.), Missing parents (Why did they leave me there?)