September 20, 2017

Alfhild Storm-Rider tropical viking

From Antcow :antcowicon:, the guy behind the Nukem Girls commission series here comes a new Brave Soul characters! Alfhild Storm-Rider, the tropical viking!

Here comes some information about her from Antcow itself.

"This character went through a lot of redesigns from a werewolf woman to a vampire/werewolf hybrid, but always keeping the viking feel of her. And given that I decided on a hot orc girl to be included, an elf was only natural to include as well.
And since Zettra is from the north, then the direct opposite of that would be the tropics, so Alfhild is a viking tropical elf.

Tropical elves differ a bit form their more commonly known cousin breeds (High elf, night elf, wood elf, blood elf, dark elf and on and on!). While they maintain their kinds typical traits of being tall, fair and graceful, they are also significantly physically tougher and stronger than other elves.
This is more a necessity because they cant make use of magic the same way as other elves. Bearing a striking similarity to dwarves, tropical elves make poor magi, given thier natural high resiliance, channeled and ambient energies not very effective or even fairly immune to such attacks, but prevents them from using the arcane.
This has driven them to rely on more scientific means such as the use of trinkets and wands and other items of power with scrollwork and runes to channel it for them, they favor CQC over other combat options.
They like swords and axe's over wands and arrows and Alfhild has always favored the axe.
Another part of the culture is matching the shade of their tan with that of their tattoos, its a big deal to them to go from light to dark with sunbathing, their darkening shade covering up their tattoos and ever needing darker ink."