December 27, 2017

Alexia Fierce-Edge commission

Another Brave Soul commission from Antcow!

Enjoy some character Lore from the commissioner itself!

"So as i have been ever so cleverly hinting at, i came up with an orc lady to go with the elf. Now Orcs are usually depicted as savages from Warcraft to Warhammer (Both) and LOTR. (And more.)
But what if an orc was raised by humans, trained as a samurai and learned to appreciate aesthetics? (And to provide a contrast from the Alfhild barbarianism. X3)
You may notice her skin color, its silver. This is simply a reference to by own power up growth patterns i've developed for my personal fan fiction, Orc's that develop to silver skin are at their most powerful possible state, and its permanent, unlike super saiyans. I wanted to show her here in her most powerful state, she eventually goes from reddish-brown to blue to silver.

Alexia Fierce-Edge, blademaster
Race: Orc, silver skin
Sex: Female
Age: 28
Height: 6'8"
Weight: ORC!!!!!
Eyes: Magenta
Hair: Black
Measurements: 50J - 24 - 45"