February 16, 2018

Moraxia Blooddrinker commission

Commissioned by Faircry, here comes Moraxia Blooddrinker, his evil female dwarfen warrior he made for an RPG.

And now some description fron the commissioner itself!

"Moraxia is cruel, sadistic, bloodthirsty and vengeful. She worships a dark god of war, blood and slaughter, and enjoys it to tear her enemies slowly apart to savour the cries of agony, pain and despair. She loves it to fight with strong opponents, and usually crushes them with overwhelming might to shatter their fighting spirit. She never grants mercy and doesn't expect it in return. She would do basically anything for money, be it burning down an orphanage and slaughtering all it's inhabitants or escorting some spoiled noble - as long as she gets paid, everything is fine. Between fights and battles she likes to gamble, to drink and to celebrate - which often leads to her being very quick out of money. Moraxia is brave and daring, but not stupid - she never backs down or retreats in a fight, but she doesn’t engage recklessly. The thing she hates most are weak persons and cowards and she sees them as little more than insects, waiting to be squashed. She lives by the motto that only the strongest survive and that they have the right to rule over and kill the weaker beings, which should be grateful if they can serve as food for the strong (in a metaphoric sense)."

She seems a perfect character for the Monte Cook's D&D "Book of Vile Darkness"!