February 2, 2018

T.A.C. agent Thunder Chocolate

So, here comes the new commission from Antcow!

She's the second daughter of Glory Apples!

Now let's make the commissioner talk about his character!

"Here is the second of Glory Apples four daughters, drawn by Ganassa!

Like her sisters, Thunder inherited an aspect form her mother, in this case her massive bust. She's a real crowd pleaser, and can fight crowds easily
with her unique shotgun.
Good cook too, she makes a killer batch of venison pot pie.
With all that said, I wonder who paid attention when I commissioned Glory apple mentioned she had four guns to represent her four daughters, and looked at the color pattern?
Speaking of color patterns, who guessed her cammo was a homage to her half n' half nature?

Tanya Adams corp agent: Thunder Chocolate
Real name: Forgot it.
Age: Maybe 18 or 20
Race: White/Black biracial (Im like a glass of chocolate milk.)
Sex: Woman (Yep. As you can see.)
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: Top heavy. (Almost tip over sometimes, and smacked a few in the face while turning around.)
Measurements: 40H - 24- 35 (My mom gave me HUGE tits!)
Eye color: Blue
Hair: Light shade of brown, long to her hips, silky without curls
Panties: Purple, with dragon crest (Think you can get me to show it to you?)
Weapon: Origin 12 style auto shotgun. Shock element."