May 3, 2018

Patreon - April 2018 reward

So, we are in May and it's time to talk about REWARDS!
Those are the rewards of April that will be uploaded this month on a new Mega folder. I will send the link to that folder (you will also find inside the stuff of the previous month) this weekend to every person whose payment went successfully.
And those the rewards:
Goal #1 - Ecchi Fan Art -> Mary May Fairgrave from Far Cry 5!
Goal #2 -> Adult Fan Art -> Supergirl from Injustice 2 (follow up of the previous month Supergirl fan art, and chosen by my Patrons via poll!)
Goal #3 - Secret Comics - Unfortunately, it's not active yet, but we re really close to reach the third goal! Can you guess who is the girl showed in the preview?
Thanks for your support guys! You rocks!