July 15, 2018

Patreon - June 2018 reward

Hi guys,

i've just uploaded the first picture of June rewards, Kasumi from Dead or Alive Ecchi/Nude on the Mega folder! The other pictures plus the variations will follow in this month!

Here's this month's current Reward situation:

Goal #1 (Reached!) - SFW/Ecchi/Nude Fan Art -> Kasumi from Dead or Alive 6

Goal #2 (Reached!) -> Adult Fan Art -> Kasumi from Dead or Alive 6

Goal #3 (Reached!) -> Rainbow Six: Siege comics Naughty Ela - Page 1

Goal #4 (To Be Announced!) -> ??????????????????

The guys whom payment goes processed will received in their inbox the link to my Mega folder with the first Kasumi picture, the previous month pictures (like all the Overwatch picture i already made) and some extras like the pdf of "Overbeach" and "Zoey Watch, your ass" comics and lots of my SFW/NSFW wallpapers!

Thanks for your support guys and check out my Official Patreon page!