August 9, 2018

July Patreon Rewards announced!

So, here comes the July Patreon Rewards! :) This month you will get

  • Yang Xiao Long from RWBY (winner of the previous month Fan Art SFW poll), with 4 variation!
  • Aria "Alibi" De Luca from Rainbow Six: Siege - Adult fan art with 1 variation!
  • Ela Bosak H Comics Page #2 - Adult fan comics with Ela Bosak from Rainbow Six: Siege.

If you were one of my 5$ and 10 $ Patrons and your payment was properly processed (even after all the "payment mess") check out your Patreon message inbox, you'll find the link for this July Mega Folder.

Inside the "July Rewards" folder you'll find the first Yang Xiao Long high resolution SFW fan art! Variation will be uploaded in the next days.

The public version of the Yang Xiao Long fan art will be uploaded on 16th August, and the public version of Alibi adult fan art will be uploaded on 29th August.

Don't forget to check out my official Patreon page!