July 29, 2015

Lin Ice Zanova

She's the third commission of a series of, for now, three OC characters Sneedham507 commissioned.
Lin "Ice" Zanova is a 26 year old former Navy officer, who was recruited to join quickstroke, not for her skills, but because she was pretty. Despite being highly intellgent and a quick learner, all the higher ups cared about is the fact that she could be used to seduce targets, and they then could be pacified. As a result, Lin is a bit bitter about the whole affair, and she normally takes it out on her teammates, though over time, she comes to see them as her sisters. Lin is from Chinese and Russian decent, and was raised in the states by her grandmother. She was perfectly happy working behind a computer in the Navu, and only took the job at Quick Strike because of the money. She is usually in a bad mood, and has a distain for perverts and older men. Lin eventually finds a man she can stand to be around, however it turns out to be her C.O's younger brother, which causes a bit of tension. Her greatest assets are her large breasts, though she thinks of them as bothersome. She is 5'6ft, and weighs 150lbs."