July 26, 2015

Zoey "Cutter" Pryce

She's the second commission of a series of, for now, three OC characters Sneedham507 commissioned.

Here's her bio!
"Zoey "Cutter" Pryce is a 24 year old former marine recruited to Quickstrike, and works as the muscle and the driver for the group. Zoey is openly gay, and shows her affection for her team mates Veronica and Lin thru perverted actions, such as gropping and innapporiate comments. She is a also a gym freak, and works out often, even when bored. she is proud of her body, and will often show her abs to people, even when not provoked. While in the marines, Zoey was in a relationship, however her lover died, and in remeberance, she got a tattoo on her right arm. After joining Quickstrike, she tattooed the special forces symbol that Veronica had onto her left. When going undercover, Zoey will either be dressed as the help, or be the getaway driver, rarely getting close like Lin and Veronica do, as she is a bad actor, however she once had to, as the target had a muscle fetish. Friendly to a fault and loyal as a dog, Zoey is the perfect match to Veronica's command style, and Lin's dramatics. Zoey is 5'5ft and weighs 140lbs all muscle"