August 14, 2016

Duke & Nukem Girls wallpaper

And after all the Nukem Girls and the Duke itself (all commissioned by Antcow), here comes a nice wallpaper for your screens and desktops!

You will find the full resolution HD wallpaper here:

The girls are from left to right:

'I'm a cowgirl, and yes I ride!' - Farrah Fallout

'Silence is golden, but blood is red.' - Diana Destruction

'I'm cursing at you because I don't like you, FUCKER!' - Hisako Hiroshima

'My words are like my bullets. Few and to the point' - Nadie Nukeatotem

'I am all that is woman!' - Alexandria Nukewinter

Explosions. Cooking. Both are hot n' spicy.' - Barbara Blowaway