August 16, 2016

Zettra, the pretorian commission

Commission by Antcow (the same guy behind the Nukem Girls commission series!) here comes "Zettra, the pretorian".

Now, some words from the commissioner about this character!

I only played one hentai/date sim game called Brave soul, and while I loved it, there was room for more women, many more. Basically what I have in mind is a mishmash of Brave soul and Kyonnu fantasy :3

Age: ??
Height: 5'10"
Weight: ??
Eyes: Red
Measurements: 50 I-cup bust - 24 waist - 45
Weapon: Two handed gladius long sword

Profile: Zettra is a black woman who hails from a all black nation (Name here) that once existed in the north of (game world name here) and she was born with natural red hair and matching eyes (And matching red nipples and womanhood, but I don't just show that off.). And her sheer beauty developed quickly as she grew and was personally picked by the emperor to receive the best education and elite pretorian training.
It was not just her lovely body that got her attention, she was treated as a trophy and a pariah for her utterly unique colors form the other people around her. Her red shades. Shes a woman a prophet predicted that would herald the end of the empire. But not the cause.
BUT, demons and rebels brought the nation down and she is one of two of her nation left in all the world. She traveled south and worked as a paid sword until she found herself as a dedicated body guard of the princess of the western plains kingdom, Caren. (Now a cowgirl in style, see Brave soul)