August 25, 2016

Fraulein Blitzkrieg Corp Agent Panzer Scharfschutz

After the two Tanya Adams from an alternative universe (their codename are "Black Rose" and "Frosty Leaf"), here comes, still commissioned by Antcow (the guy behind the "Nukem Girls" commission series) another addition to the Tanya Adams Corps... their villains! A corp of female nazi elves!

Now some words from the commissioner!

"The Fraulein Blitzkrieg corp is the Nazi German woman commando corp equal in style and purpose to the Tanya adams corp itself. And I needed an excuse to make a busty elf girl with a killer ass anyway X3

Fräulein Blitzkrieg corp agent Panzer Scharfschütze (German: Tank sniper, she snipes tanks.)
Real name: Adorabelle  (Elf for: 'the adored and beautiful') Leafstrider (How did you find that out!?)
Faction: Imperial Nazi Regime
Race: Elf (Its the ears isn't it?)
Age: What?
Height: 6'0"
Weight: With or without the mythril undergarments?
Measurements: 45I-23-38
Eyes: Ice blue"