August 23, 2016

Tanya Adams Corps - Agent Frosty Leaf

After the first Tanya Adams from an alternative universe (her codename was "Black Rose"), here comes, still commissioned by Antcow (the guy behind the "Nukem Girls" commission series) another addition to the Tanya Adams Corps!

Don't you know who Tanya Adams is? Check it here ->

Now some words from the commissioner!

"Real name: Super duper maxi-extreme ultra secretNationality: British
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: Unknown (At least 40lbs in her bra and panties combined)
Eye color: Dark green
Measurements: 40I-24-39
Weapon: Sniper rife (Ice elemental)

Profile: "Frosty Leaf" was recruited into the Tanya Adams Corp and like a lot of women before her, evaluated and vetted at a distance before she was snatched up by other agents with offers to join the Crop. Sometimes it was just off the battlefield, or just out of bed but she was was offered a once in a lifetime chance to be a Tanya Adams Time and again.
Eventually the woman that would become Frosty Leaf agreed and further honed her skills as a sniper and soon become all even more lethal with a rifle than before thanks to it's ability to fire, freezing munitions, while keeping only her beret as a keepsake of where she came from. Her victims where soon linked to her by the fact that they where covered in frost around the wounds impact site, even tanks where found encased in blocks of ice, letting the enemy forces know who had entered the battlefield. She has an incredible sense of balance as she displayed in the 3rd battle of Paris against the advancing Nazi Imperial forces. The Maginot line could stop troops, tanks, mechs and aircraft but magic was the one thing not considered in the defensive plan and the Nazi tech-monks blasted holes through the defence's with torrents of lightning or by raining fire down from above.
It short order the Nazi army was in Paris and the streets were lit through the night with exchanged firepower, with the Eiffel tower being the key in Frosty leaf's role in ending the battle and driving out the Nazi's. Though she was injured her right arm in a sling, she scurried her way to the very top and balancing herself onto the narrow tip of the tower, took aim with her rifle left handed and with her vantage point, fired into the Nazi base. Again and again she fired until a tube of ice grew form her barrel along the bolt trajectory. Eventually the Nazi base was a winter wasteland in the summer heat."