December 12, 2017

Clare Mcfadden commission

Another Brave Soul commission from Antcow!

Enjoy some character Lore from the commissioner itself!

"This is Clare McFadden, another character from the game Brave soul. She's actually always with you during the whole game, shes just in the form of a dragon due to a curse, you break the curse by going on side missions with her twin Alicia if you choose to seduce her. After you break the curse you get the choice to pick between the two. I wanted her to rock the holy paladin look, a hunter of the unholy and their destroyer. Her outfit is much more war-like for her position as a paladin of the Church.

Shes also a Human/dragon hybrid now. (Because I want a departure form the original creation so mine will be unique.)
And her Dad was the human in that figure out those mechanics. XD But now I wonder, should I make Alicia a half breed of some sort to explain her blue hair?"