December 14, 2017

T.A.C. agent Spicy Peach commission

So, here comes a new commission from Antcow!

Now let's make the commissioner talk about his character!

Here is the first of Glory apples four daughters drawn for me by Ganassa!

Spicy peach (Clever hint!) is the first born daughter of Glory apple with the other three following mere minutes behind. Each one of Glory apples daughters have inherited some aspect of their mother, in this case, Spicy peach has her moms butt, and is dedicated to gunslinging style, she's a cowgirl to the core.

Tanya Adams Corp Agent: Spicy Peach
Real name: Someone stole it!
Nation: American empire
Race: White
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: Most in ma' butt!
Eye color: brown
Hair: Red, shoulder length and a little curly
Measurements: 38D - 23 - 40 (She inherited the thick ass form her mom)
Weapon: Heavily mod FK BRNO .75 (Fire element)